All eyes on Alber Elbaz-Lancome Line

After it was announced in January that Alber Elbaz would be collaborating with Lancôme on a limited-edition makeup collection, representing his first-ever foray into the challenging domain of powders, pigments, and polish, the world of beauty fandom effectively stopped turning.

There’s a certain level of excitement that accompanies any big designer-beauty collaboration, but this one had a unique level of frenzy. This wasn’t just any designer we were talking about. It was Alber Elbaz.


“It all stems from the curvaceous mascara bottles. The moment I saw them, I thought of women’s bodies” Alber Elbaz says.



 Elbaz shows the essence of luxury, his desire to bring authenticity back into beauty, and why, as far as he’s concerned, “eyes are the new fashion accessory.”



“This is where I’m looking today. Less generic and more handmade, more colorful,” he continued.


Due out in limited quantities come June, the nine-piece range also includes one set of false lashes and four different Color Design Eye Shadow Palettes, each bearing the same four motifs scrawled onto the mascara tubes in blue stars, red hearts, pink polka dots, and green heavily lashed lids. 

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