Arm Party- Watch More Highlights from Basel

Introduced last week at Basel, the Catene (which means “chain” in Italian) is Bulgari’s new star. Inspired by the brand’s archival chains from the sixties, the chic bracelet-like style comes in rose gold, with or without diamonds, and features a mother-of-pearl dial.

I’m a longtime fan of the classic La D de Dior in all its variations. Just in time for summer, Dior is introducing a new mini D style ($4,250) featuring playful patent straps in a range of fluorescent hues


When you’re checking out scads of timepieces, you start to pick up on subtle trends, and one that I noticed at Hermès, Patek Philippe, and Raymond Weil was moon-phase watches. Brazilians put a lot of stock into constellation cycles—I check the moon before getting a haircut, for example—so these pieces really appealed to me.


Another trend I took away from my time in Basel was berry-hued timepieces. Rolex’s Day-Date now comes with a cherry-colored crocodile strap and tonal face, Patek Philippe’s red ticker features a diamond-encrusted dial, and Hublot covered its Big Bang style in rubies. The list goes on. After seeing more than thirty brands, it’s safe to say berry was the color of the season.


How adorable is Louis Vuitton’s new Tambour Bijou Secret line? Featuring a colorful alligator strap and an opaline dial that covers the watch’s face, it’s the perfect way to keep how late you’re running a secret—even from yourself.


Ever heard someone say “You don’t know sh*t from Shinola!”? The expression inspired the name of a new watch label, which produces all of its timepieces in—wait for it—Detroit. The brand officially launched during Basel, but several styles are already available on its Web site, and Barneys will soon be carrying Shinola items—just in time for Fathers’ Day.

Boucheron looked to the archives while creating its new Ajourée line. The watches feature satin bands, diamond dials, and intricate cutouts shaped like the peacocks, snakes, and bird wings found on vintage Boucheron beauty cases.


Proof that Gucci is hip to target a younger crowd: The Italian brand has partnered with Myspace on a unisex timepiece that will establish a new social-media platform for sharing music. Its name? SYNC, as inSocial, Young, Network, Community.


Harry Winston’s Glacier diamond timepiece was the highlight of my week. The showstopper features 422 baguette-cut diamonds, weighing in at approximately 76.4 carats. Whoever snags one of these unique watches is truly a lucky lady. Swatch recently acquired the fine-jewelry brand, so I have my fingers crossed they will expand their watch offerings.

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