Fabulous Kim Cattrall and Marina Abramovic for V Magazine

V Magazine Issue

One of the things that piqued everyone’s interest about this story is that no one realizes you two are such good friends. When did you first meet?

Marina Abramovic: I first met Kim with the Sex and the City story when they asked if I would actually play a part or give permission to use the piece that I had just done in Sean Kelly Gallery called The House with the Ocean View. And I have to tell you, I came from Europe, I didn’t know the show. I said, “I can’t do this, I am not an actress,” but if they just want to use the artwork they could. I remember that I came back and my students said “What?! You’re not doing this? But this is the major thing! You’re crazy.” [Once I became familiar with the show] my favorite character was Kim, always. And then Klaus Biesenbach introduced us. That’s my version, what is yours?


Kim Cattrall It’s very similar. I’d heard of Marina before, but I completely connected with her through the show. And then it was through Klaus. I went to see Marina at the Guggenheim, but I didn’t dare speak to her. I was a little bit nervous. And then I got to meet her, and I was overwhelmed by her beauty and humor. She always is in this wonderful creative state of being very free. Her mind sees things in a very serious way, but she doesn’t. It removes every preconception that you might have about Marina Abramović. [laughs] The work that she’s done and her history, it’s just extraordinary. But it’s her humor that really draws us together. When we’re together we laugh a lot.


Photographed by duo Santiago & Mauricio.

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