Tree-House Hotels For A Fall Getaway

There’s something magic about the idea of sleeping in a wooden cabin out in the fresh air. Childhood memories meet an adult sense of adventure, especially if it’s up in the treetops or on an island in the middle of a lake. Take a look at the  five tree-house hotels and country cabins for a Fall getaway with a difference.

La Cabane Perchée

La Cabane Perchée

In the middle of Normandy, La Cabane Perchée is a tree-house that blends into the Fall colors of the ancient oak that supports it. You can’t get much deeper into the Great Outdoors than this pine cabin complete with terrace, at the top its own tiny staircase. Inside, is the pared-down warmth and comfort of a wooden cabin with everything you need for a weekend up in the treetops while back on firm ground, the surrounding countryside with its rolling fields stretches as far as the eye can see. And for the foodie adventurer, organic regional products are available on-site including dry Normandy cider, charcuterie, cheese and eggs from the neighboring farm.

Capacity: 4 maximum
Children: Yes, €35 or free for those under the age of 2
Breakfast: Included
Price: From €140 to €160 a night

61400 Saint-Mard-de-Réno (France) -Tel.+33  966 92 35 64.

La Cabane Odyssée

La Cabane Odyssée

La Cabane Odyssée  looks like it’s drifting in the middle of its lake in Franche-Comté, but don’t worry, it won’t sail away in the night. Instead of the traditional wooden cabin, the owners have created a little floating eco-hut. On their own pontoon, the two sleep pods with their own solar energy source, water reserve and wool isolation for cozy nights, are accessible via a wooden gangway and plenty of activities are available for your weekend out in natural, including bike rental, fishing trips and of course, boat trips on the lake. A little corner of green paradise for adventurers of all ages, at the heart of the Grands Lacs nature reserve.

Capacity: 3 to 5 people
Children: Yes, from the age of 6.
Breakfast: Included
Price: From 179 to 222 a night

Forge de Bonnal70230 Chassey-les-Montbozon. Tel. +33 (0) 03 84 77 06 72.

Cabane A Pignata

Cabane A Pignata

Located in the protected region of Alta Rocca, Corsica, Cabane A Pignata lies between the sea and the mountains. Perched in an oak tree four meters off the ground, it offers all the comforts you would expect from a weekend in a four-star hotel, with a king-sized bed, its own separate bathroom and a dressing room. A cozy nest for two just a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean coast.

Capacity : 2 people
Children : Yes, an extra bed is available for children up to 12.
Breakfast: Included
220 a night

Route des Sites Archéologiques de Cucuruzzu – 20170 Levie – Corsica-Tel.+33 (0)4 95 78 41 90.

Les Cabanes Orion

Les Cabanes Orion

“Feel close to the birds and the stars, be at one with the forces of nature and take the time to recharge your batteries and concentrate on your inner self”: magic happens at Les Cabanes Orion. High up under the forest canopy almost hidden from view, the tree-houses offer a vista over Saint-Paul de Vence, the Riviera village that was once a favorite of Matisse, Modigliani and Chagall. As the leaves turn and Fall brings a chill to the air, relax with a massage, sauna or a yoga lesson in the eco-spa then cozy up inside with a book. A real haven of wellbeing.

Capacity: 2 people
Children: Yes, 30 per night
Breakfast: Included
Price: From 180 to 260 a night

Impasse des Peupliers, 2436 Chemin du Malvan, F-06570 Saint-Paul de Vence, France Tel. +33 675 45 18 64.

Les Cabanes du Cerf-Volant

Les Cabanes du Cerf-Volant

Just a few kilometers from Paris tucked away in the Rambouillet hills, are the Cerf-Volant Cabins, three wooden huts in a style that’s somewhere between a chalet and a hunting lodge, surrounded by dense forest. Choose from: Trapper’s Cabin, a super comfortable 62m² log cabin with an open fire, Poet’s Cabin, a 24m² maisonette designed in homage to Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo and Jean-Jacques Rousseau who all came to the region for inspiration, and the Bear Cabin, an 18m² hideout, hidden away in the pine trees. It’s a secluded spot where time seems to stands still, herds of deer pass before your eyes and the silent nights are broken only by the hooting of tawny owls.

Capacity: From 2 to 6 people
Children: Yes, 50 a night
Breakfast : Included
Price: From 
230 to 260 per weekend

Route de la Chesnaye-Le Mesle-78113 Adainville – Tel. +33 134 87 15 50.



  1. Wow, just wow! It certainly makes you rethink staying in a traditional hotel when travelling! I wonder how many other unique styles of accommodation there are, hidden across the rest of the world…

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