First look at Yves Saint Laurent Film Trailer

Pierre Niney stars as Yves Saint Laurent in the film of the same name, which has been approved by the late fashion designer’s former partner, Pierre Bergé.

At the press conference where a 21-year-old Saint Laurent is announced as the creative director of Dior, journalists bomb him with questions: ‘Do you not feel too young to be heading up the largest Haute Couture fashion house in France?‘ asks one. Another: ‘Can you tell us what you have in mind for your first catwalk show?‘ while another probes: ‘How do you feel at the moment?’

Saint Laurent, played by Pierre Niney, calmly replies: “I can’t describe everything I feel, but I’ll do my best and to the end.

Yves Saint Laurent-The Movie

Yves Saint Laurent-The Movie

The trailer is peppered with buzzwords describing the late designer: creative, passionate, audacious, avant-garde, adored, inspired, anti-conformist, provocative and tormented. Add in some scenes depicting Saint Laurent dressing models in his most famous garments, kissing his partners and posing nude, and it’s a recipe for some compelling viewing.

I’m trying to express myself but if they try to stop me I’ll die” says Niney at the end of the trailer.

The film, due out in France in early 2014, has been endorsed by Pierre Bergé, the co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous fashion house, longtime business partner and former life partner of the Algeria-born designer. The Jalil Lespert film focuses greatly on their romantic relationship.



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