Merry Christmas Everybody and A Happy 2014!!!!

Merry Christmas

Everything is inviting for Christmas, the big shops are decorating their windows, the city is glowing with lights, people everywhere filled with new expectations for the year to come, new hopes and dreams are starting to take a different shape and, nevertheless, presents need to be bought. All this creates such an excitement that I think now one can resist.  You suddenly feel challenged, is as if your life depends on it, and shopping is the cure. One big vital word – SHOPPING – for your loved ones and yourself. People start running for gifts to buy like in a marathon, the faster you shop, the faster Christmas is here and with it the New Year, a new beginning, another adventure, another provocation.

I don’t know if it happens to you too, but for me, on this time of the year stuff comes to life, gorgeous dresses are winking from the windows, shoes are waiving at me, ooh and so many bags just want to be my friends!!! How can I say no?!?1?

In all this craziness I’m trying to focus and stick to my Christmas wish list and ignore the angel voices that suddenly all the shoes have. God, everywhere i turn there are so many beautiful things swearing to me that they were made just for me, that I’m scared I’m going to have a heart attack. Really! This is tooooo much! With my heart pouting out of my chest I decide to drop everything, go home and have a camomile tea, just to calm down and get a hold of myself. That’s the moment i stopped running, the shopping marathon was over for me and I looked around and saw my dear beautiful mother preparing the meal for Christmas, while my dad was chatting cheerfully around her, the warm house filled up with all my childhood memories, the coziness of my home, the stove busy as ever, the inviting steam puffing out from the pots, and the fog outside……..a looooot of fog, announcing the arrival of the so little lasting snow flakes, that will fall over the house of my parents, of my roots. And I realized that will all the love I have for fashion and those precious little things that I really thought I want for Christmas, what I actually desire is health and lots of smiles for my family and for the rest of the world. All I want is many, many more Christmases like this, covered in pure sincere love!

Merry Christmas Everybody! Happy New Days to come with your loved ones! And ok, I think that if you were like really, really good this year, and if you really, really wanted all those talking things, at least a Chanel one should get! I don’t know! I’m just saying! After all it’s Christmas! 😉

 All my best wishes and love to you!!!!!!! Have A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!! 



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