Bright Year – The Chinese Zodiac According To Vogue Gioiello

The little things make you happy. Keep going ahead calmly and you will reach your destination. It’s a good time for projects in love as well, which will come to fruition in the second half of this coming year.

Pig - Giovanni Raspini -

Pig – Giovanni Raspini

Success will come to you if you are patient. In fact, the desire to have it all now won’t take you very far. Better to wait and receive what life brings you a bit later.

Brooke Stone Jewelry - Buffalo

Brooke Stone Jewelry – Buffalo

Curiosity will win out in the end, and it will allow you to get the things that stimulate your interest. The coming year sees you with new dreams, which must be taken on cautiously so as to not be disappointed.

Tigre - Cartier

Tigre – Cartier

2014 will be your year, allowing you to express the passion and enthusiasm that characterize you. Keep your emotions in check without becoming antagonistic, and everything around you will go splendidly your way.

Horse - Borgioni

Horse – Borgioni

You won’t have any worries if you avoid taking reckless measures. The year will continue on riding a positive wave that will influence your love life and your social life as well. Especially intriguing feelings will satisfy your dreams and creativity will be more intense.

Capra - JAR

Capra – JAR

Positive moments will continue throughout 2014, giving you strength and confidence. Keep your thoughts under control so as to not get lost in a mental maze. But try to find your way through the world following your inner gaze.

Rooster - Seaman Schepps

Rooster – Seaman Schepps

2014 will bring you unexpected offerings that can highlight your best qualities. It will also be time for love, and the first few months of the year will be fantastic. The desire for freedom may be the perfect inspiration for getting thing started.

Rabbit - Garnazelle

Rabbit – Garnazelle

Obstacles have never stopped you, and this goes for 2014 as well. Your dignified way of acting and thinking will allow you to express yourself proudly. And this is how you may just realize your dreams in an unexpected way.

Dragon - Roberto Coin

Dragon – Roberto Coin

This year will be about practical matters and will influence sentimental relationships as well, which will be satisfying. Your great ability to mediate will be important for bringing together the people you have around you. Don’t be too focused on yourself.

Snake - Paola Brussino

Snake – Paola Brussino

In 2014 it wouldn’t hurt to pay a bit more attention to the details. Your energy knows no bounds and your courage takes you to new heights! You have regained that desire to do things, and the doors of seduction will open wide.

Monkey - David Webb

Monkey – David Webb

You will have to be a bit bolder to break out of those same old routines. One of your tasks for 2014 to make it more exciting is to feel things with your heart as well as with your mind.

Dog - Van Cleef & Arpels

Dog – Van Cleef & Arpels

You are consistent and sincere in all situations this year as well. In 2014, you will know how to get the most out of every situation without listening to hollow talk. You will know how to follow your heart wisely, and you won’t be disappointed.

Pig - Giovanni Raspini -

Pig – Giovanni Raspini


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    I don’t know why it’s called Chinese zodiac. Asians never called united states’ zodiac even they know US is the most powerful western country.

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