New ‘Rain Heels’ – Bally – A Name for Elegance

With the new Bally shoes named ‘Rain Heels‘ you can forget all about the fear of damaging your favourite shoes on a rang afternoon. This fashionable and extremely comfortable model is not afraid of the moods of the weather. Rubberized skin does not change its colour if rained on and the rubber sole – in the same tone with the shoes itself – will protect your feet from getting wet.

There are three colour variations among which you can choose the one that fits better your wardrobe. I personally like the red ones, but the versions in yellow, blue and black look very cool too. Check out Bally online store here

"Rain Heels" by Bally

“Rain Heels” by Bally

"Rain Heels" by Bally

“Rain Heels” by Bally

"Rain Heels" by Bally

“Rain Heels” by Bally

"Rain Heels" by Bally

“Rain Heels” by Bally


  1. Solid colors, to monochromes, these range of pumps, are definitely meant for the modern woman to experiment with. Should she do it on the basis of her look or her mood, well leave it to the diva!These shoes are classic yet trendy and are here to stay. Perfect inspiration for my jewelry designs.

  2. roxiefox

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    It rained in Lima overnight and there were large puddles on the roads and pavements this morning. Rain in Lima is so rare it prompted me to share this post and Bally Shoes’new rain heels – ideal for wet weather and with winter coming in Australia, i should definitely get a pair or two.

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