The New Luggage Collection of Louis Vuitton for BMW – Super Chic

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

The art of travel has a central place in the culture of Louis Vuitton. Following its own traditions , the French fashion house has created a collection of luggage items for the new car BMW i8.The new bags combine the new technology with the impeccable sense of style, characteristic of the brand. The gorgeous BMW i8 is made more comfortable thanks to the four items of Louis Vuitton collection and their sizes are adjusted to the millimeter to fit into the compact car. The bag, briefcase or carrying case are a great gift for the lucky owners of BMW i8 and all lovers of beautiful things .

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

The items from the Louis Vuitton capsule collection for BMW are made ​​of carbon fiber, previously used only in aviation. What is unique is that it combines high strength and virtually weightless ease. “The alliance with BMW became the personification of our common values ​​- creativity, technological innovation and style” – says Patrick-Louis Vuitton, the head of Louis Vuitton on special orders. Items from the collection will be available in by reservation only.

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Weeklender GM i8 – a large and soft carry bag that is easy to carry in hand and shoulder. A new interpretation of the classic Louis Vuitton model, made of Damier canvas and decorated with engraved logo of the fashion house.

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Garment Bag i8 – It’s nice to carry your favorite dresses and suits in an elegant bag for clothes. Two hangers inside protected by a microfiber cover, through which your belongings remain safe and sound. The outer side of the coffer complement with comfortable handles and a luggage tag.

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Business Case i8 – Semi-rigid frame portfolio , made ​​by decompression, perfectly follows the outline of the rear seat of the BMW i8. Monochrome colors and strong design make the desired portfolio acquisition.

Louis Vuitton for BMW i8

Weeklender PM i8 – Small soft bag  improved by the new design of the handles and the luggage tag.

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