Lucky Number – New Dior VIII Montaigne Watches

Dior VIII Montaigne Watches

Dior VIII Montaigne Watches

Graphic, timeless and elegant, Dior VIII Montaigne recalls the iconic suit jacket “Bar”. Its name – Lucky Number – Dior VIII Montaigne Watches – as if to celebrate once again the fetish number of Monsieur Dior, evokes the date of creation of the Maison, October 8, 1946 – the first and main address of Dior House in Paris, on avenue Montaigne.

Day models with simple dials or studded with precious stones, cocktail models with the bezel set with baguette-cut colored stones and evening models with “Dior Inversé” caliber, whose mass oscillating function, located on the dial, reminds the spin of a ball dress – Dior VIII is the reflection of a refined woman’s wardrobe, a sample of everyday luxury.

Dior VIII Montaigne is a watch that from season to season, carry a variety of cultural codes of the brand, which are present in the smallest and most refined details. Every new line is created with an eye on the current trends in fashion and mood. In the end – it is difficult to imagine a more appropriate accessory, which combines the past and the future, rather than these precious pieces.

Dior VIII Montaigne, Grand Bal -in white and yellow gold, pearls, diamonds

Dior VIII Montaigne, Grand Bal – in rose gold, pearls, diamonds

Dior VIII Montaigne, Grand Bal – in white gold, pearls, diamonds

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