Luxurious – French Line Eres Will Be Available on Net-a-Porter

Good news for all the fans of the brand Eres. Now lingerie and swimwear (as well as clothes and home luxury cashmere collection, a little later on, with the advent of cold weather) can be ordered on the Net-a-Porter. The first batch will be online on Friday – that is good – for the beach season should be prepared ahead of time.

The range will not include only the regular Eres collections, but a new luxury beach line in which any woman, according to the management of the brand, can head straight to the beach for a cocktail party.

We decided to work with Net-a-Porter, focusing on excellent sales results, which took place two and a half years ago. It’s no secret that this company is a major player in the luxury market on the Internet” , – told the press control Eres Olivier Moni.

Eres Beachwear Line

Eres Beachwear Line

Eres Beachwear Line

Eres Beachwear Line


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