Wind Of Spring – 7 Fragrances To Try On This Spring

Along with the passing of winter we feel the urge to change not only the clothes and the cosmetics but also the perfume – from deep, heavy and persistent notes to more fresh and fruity fragrances. The novelties for this spring are impressive – many brands prepared for spring updated editions and limited versions of their timeless classics or released a brand new item. For inspiration, if you are not decided about what perfume to wear this spring or just for a change, check out the selection below.

La Tentation de Nina, Nina Ricci
Sweet vanilla and floral notes

Calyx, Clinique
Fresh and fruity with hints of berry

Fun di Fendi Blossom, Fendi
Fresh floral, vanilla and berry notes

Daisy Delight, Marc Jacobs
Floral, fruity and wood notes

Alien Eau Extraordinaire, Thierry Mugler
Amber, floral notes, citrus trail

Essence Aromatique, Bottega Veneta
Fresh, spicy and floral notes

Exotica, Roberto Cavalli
Floral-woody fruit midtone


  1. All these bottles are making me want to go take a smell of them all! They look so pretty. I’m a fan of all the Daisy line by Marc Jacobs, so I’m assuming I will love the newest one!


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