Seen From Afar – Versace ‘V-Signature’ New Jewelry Watches

Versace ‘V-Signature’ New Jewelry Watches

At Baseworld fair the Italian fashion house Versace has presented a new line of precious watches – V-Signature. These gold watches contain all the brand’s recognizable decorative techniques and are inspired by the latest collection of fashion accessories reflecting the house’s iconic style.

Versace ‘V-Signature’ New Jewelry Watches

Made in rose gold, with Medusa portrait on the dial, double patent leather bracelet, the hours on the dial are diamonds and there is another version where the diamonds are in the centre of the dial –  they show a strong personality and come in black and white as well as more bold colours like turquoise, green and orange.

The trick of these watches stays in the belt – the thinner top part of the belt can be slipped out of the wider, rounded base section for a more traditional style and fit.

Versace ‘V-Signature’ New Jewelry Watches

Versace ‘V-Signature’ New Jewelry Watches


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