Nostalgia of Africa – An Endless Source Of Inspiration

Africa – a continuous source of inspiration for jewellery makers. The nostalgia for this continent strikes those with a true passion for jewels with souls. The vastness of the teritory, the variety of tribes and the existence of so many cultures represent an endless source of creation for the designers. Maintaining a modern note here are some extraordinary pieces with simple geometric shapes and amulets.

Lydia Courteille – Silver, gold and diamond Tribal Art earrings. Unique piece

Vhernier – Ebony and rose gold Trottola necklace

Valadier – Jet bracelet with rose gold and white diamonds

Cartier – L’Odyssée de Cartier earrings in white gold, orange garnet, obsidian and white diamonds.

Lydia Courteille – Tribal Art ring in gold, silver, ebony, diamonds and golden coral. Unique piece

Ramon – Yellow gold Planet ring with smoky quartz, diamonds and enamel

Cartier – L’Odyssée de Cartier bracelet with obsidian, diamonds and a cabochon brown tourmaline

Uno de 50 – Silver and ebony-effect resin earrings

DML – Yellow and burnished gold Cleopatra cuff with jasper and diamonds

Hausmann & Co – Rose gold ring with brown diamonds and a smoky quartz

Monique Péan – Black tourmaline and garnet earrings with diamonds and recycled gold

Mattioli – African Queen jet bracelet with rose gold


  1. While I’m not up on fashion, I do have some tribal artifacts from travels to West Africa back in the 1970’s. I have also enjoyed African art exhibits at museums, such as the High museum of Art in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing your African Inspired jewelry.

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