For Its 20th Year Anniversary Giuseppe Zanotti Brings To Us ‘JEWEL’ – A Gorgeous Capsule Collection

Italian shoe label Giuseppe Zanotti is celebrating its 20th year by creating four capsule collection, all gold, inspired by his iconic shoes over the years. The first one to be unveiled, on June 15, is “Jewel ” featuring six pairs of gold flat sandals, with a piece of jewellery in the centre for most of them, being a revisited collection created previously for the Kanye West Spring/Summer 2012 runaway. Feminine and gorgeous as every shoe designed by the brand, “Jewel ” collection will follow in February 2015Disco ” collection, in September by ” Rock’n Roll ” and NovemberBlack Stilettos “.

Cruel Summer Sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection

Zanotti does not necessarily follow the trends in fashion and still his creation never go out of style. About that the designer says : ” Trends are dangerous; you will fail if you design for them. You cannot follow the work of others. I have my own DNA, my own formula. I always stay true to myself and to the brand.

Skorpion sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection

Elle proposed to Giuseppe Zanotti to celebrate by editing a coffee table book about the brand’s shoes but he preferred to create these four capsule collections. ” To love shoes is to love problems,” stated Zanotti to Elle. ” Every season starting a new collection is my greatest challenge. The blank slate in front of me, starting the process all over again, there is no greater challenge. Every season I absorb everything around me, the people I see on the street, the discos, the art, the music, and the energy of places from my travels. I mix all of this together and then I begin to create.”

Venere sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection

Slim sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection

When I design shoes it is not for one person or one age group. There is never a specific shoe designed for a specific woman.”

Amira sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection

Spipiott sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection


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