Flowers On Your Wrist – The New ‘Diva’ Collection by Bulgari

Last year’s new luxury watches from the ‘Diva’ collection by Bulgari, got a new interpretation with Carla Bruni as testimonial  – now there is a more simple variation of the precious watches on a satin strap. In the absence of the sophisticated bracelet the elegant style is not lost. On the contrary – from the body, surrounded by a complex inflorescence of stones and gold cast elements, in versions with rubies and diamonds they are covered in enamel tone strap. When we talk Bulgari it’s all about luxury and disarming beauty.

The New ‘Diva’ Collection by Bulgari

The New ‘Diva’ Collection by Bulgari

The New ‘Diva’ Collection by Bulgari


  1. madvanthi

    Miss Stoica, just one look at this blog has fascinated me. This Diva watch collection has blown me! It’s so cool! I came across your blog by the merest accident; you were following my blog. Please continue your awesome blogging!!!

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