Supermodel & Supermom Natalia Vodianova Welcomes Her Fourth Kid

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

It’s a boy, and his name is Maxim! Russian beauty, Natalia Vodianova gave birth to her fourth child, and she and her fiancée announced the happy news via social media, showing a picture of a tiny foot of their marvel. The model, after divorcing Justin Portman after 10 years of relationship, that gave her three other children, daughter Neva, 8, and sons Viktor, 6, and Lucas, 12 – makes a couple with Antoine Arnault, that back in November when he heard the news of her pregnancy wrote via his Facebook : Giving a little brother or sister to Natalia’s 3 wonderful children is something we wanted so much: AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING! :))) We’re going to have our first baby next year!!! #4 for her but #1 for me… I’m a little stressed! She was tired the first 3 months but is fine now...” Arnault added: “I hope he or she gets Mommy’s looks (and beautiful heart!!!) and Daddy’s sense of humor!!! Pleaaaaase not the other way around!!! :))))

Maxim’s tiny foot – Natalia’s and Antoine’s baby boy

 Vodianova wrote. “Last night at 2.45am was born our baby boy Maxim. Living up to the definition of his name, he was born an incredible 4.2kg [9lbs 3oz] and 55cm. The baby and I are doing beautifully well, to the delight of the proud daddy. Thank you all for your good wishes.”

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