French Riviera – The New Summer Makeup Collection “by Terry”

The new makeup collection for Summer 2014 by Terry is entitled French Riviera. It contains six vibrant pencil-shaped eye shadows, with an unique water proof formula that provides a resistance on the eyelid up to sixteen hours, without irritating the skin. They can be applied independently  or used as a simple eyeliner, they don’t crumble and do not accumulate in the folds. Each pen comes with a sharpener.

Aqua Print Eye Shadow – 27.00 €

  • Darling Muse
  • Pink Frappe
  • Peach Tornado
  • Green Fizz
  • Blue Fiesta
  • Violet Vibes

Aqua Print Eye Shadow – 27.00 €

Another makeup product Cheek to Cheek Eau de Blush – a new blush that is based on the cherry sirup, for chic and healthy cheekbones. It is quite easy to apply – put a drop of the pipette on the fingertip and apply the product on the skin.

Cheek to Cheek Eau de Blush – 35.00 €

“Tint To Lip” Lip Gloss – 26.00 €

The Tea to Tan bronzer is a must this summer – it has a revolutionary texture “all water”, without self-tanning agents. An essence of original waters, an extravagant iced-tea colour that will make any complexion utterly radiant and works like a drop-by-drop enhancer deep. Place a few drops on the palm of your hand and apply on the face and neck for a shimmering bronze.

Tea To Tan Eau de Teint – 42.00€

The products are available at by Terry, and Space.nk.apothecary.


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