No Flaws – New Elizabeth Arden Products To Fight The First Signs Of Aging

In the laboratories of Elizabeth Arden, research of the substances capable of reducing the aging at the cellular level continues. The new line of anti aging products aims to prevent and combat the first signs of aging through a new formula based on the complex of ceramics.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide
$ 50.00

Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide – is a daily use moisturizing cream, designed for women in between 25 and 40 years old, contains protective proteins that help smooth the look of pores, and on a long-term use helps to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. A source of energy and nutrients from which the skin will benefit instantly. The moisturizer is available in both version, with an SPF of 30, and without any filters for those who want to use it at bedtime. From the natural ingredients that these products contain, an important role plays the liquorice extract – thanks to it, in a couple of weeks, the complexion is considerably improved. All of the three products are versatile and can be used every morning and evening, adjusting the treatment according to the skin type.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum
$ 60.00

Elizabeth Arden Flawless FuturePowered by Ceramide Eye Gel
$ 40.00

All the products are available for purchase at Elizabeth Arden .


  1. montserrat sobral

    I haven´t tested it but, having tried other Elizabeth Arden´s products, this will probably turn your face into baby skin in seconds 🙂

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