Butterfly’s Dance – Cindy Chao Collaborates with Sarah Jessica Parker


Ballerina Butterfly – Cindy Chao’s creation in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker

Taiwan-born Cindy Chao – famous and luxurious jewellery artist – closed a precious collaboration with our loved Sarah Jessica Parker, that will serve to the New York City Ballet. She is very popular for her butterfly brooches – masterpieces created from rare gems of the highest quality, that find their owners through leading auction houses. This year, Chao overcame herself, in creating another butterfly with the participation of SJP – Ballerina Butterfly. The gain from the sale of the brooch at Hong Kong Sotheby’s Auction, will go to support the New York City Ballet. It took two years for the designer to create this piece of jewellery ( we see white gold, titanium, brown and white diamonds, pink pearls ) – she was more than pleased with the result and told the press that with the help of Sarah Jessica Parker she found the right “ballet” mood.

Here are two other butterfly brooches from Cindy Chao’s collection that can’t pass unnoticed either.


Cindy Chao Butterfly Brooch in white gold, diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines


Cindy Chao Butterfly Brooch in gold, white and yellow diamonds, sapphires, topaz and agate


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