MAC is Launching the “Simpsons” Collection at Comic-Con

MAC announced in May that in order to celebrate the Simpsons‘ 25th anniversary they will launch a makeup line inspired by the cartoon, having Marge as the “beauty queen” of the collection. Since the news of the collaboration, fans have been eager to get a glimpse of the beauty products, scheduled to hit the Web on August 28, and the stores on September 4. For a part of them the wait is over – the 10-piece Marge Simpson-inspired collection will go on sale for one day only, on July 26, at the MAC Cosmetics store in the Gaslamp District (234 Fifth Avenue, San Diego) during Comic-Con – a collection which includes nail stickers ($16.50), eye shadows ($44), lip-glosses ($16.50) and lashes ($18.50).

Marge Simpsons and MAC Cosmetics

Of her favorite pieces in the collection, Marge “says” in a release: “They’re all so great, but I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue complements my hair perfectly.


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