It’s A Boy !

We are told that the best thing in life is having a baby, and who wouldn’t agree more if ….. For all sorts of reasons women of our generation keep postpone the day, thinking that the responsibilities for the baby’s being are huge, they won’t fit their chic dresses for months now, their careers will be put on hold and they worked so hard to get on top, some cousin or high school friend is getting married in a few months and they have to attend the wedding in a rocking shape, the house is not big enough, they can’t give up the crazy summers with their fabulous friends, oh, and who knows if HE is the one….really, the list can go on like this for days without saying the same things….basically….it’s never the right  time to have a baby. But when I saw my best friend’s beautiful face while she was holding her newborn sun in her arms, in a hospital room full of flowers, balloons and teddy bears, this Monday – a windy, hot and bright day in Athens – i couldn’t help but wonder, what really is the reason of pushing back this joy? are we really that busy? do we really think life will just stop for us to plan everything and then we can press ‘play’ again? can’t THIS be the ‘love at first sight’ story in its purest shape? Well, it probably can, because when I laid eyes on this wonderful creature, resting peacefully and taking quick breaths, all dressed in white, and showing off from under a light blue blanket the tiniest toes that I had ever seen before, I instantly fell in love. Such a fragile creature and yet so strong – I stared at him and still had the impression that I’m not really seeing him, until I felt nauseous and I HAD to turn my head away for just a second. He was the reason of my absence, a overwealhming event of my BFF’s life that I’m happy I could be part of. Today he is only 4 days old and I wish him a smooth path to follow in a life full of joy and great experiences.


  1. I agree with you, it is hard to think about this subject, specially since we are the ones that step on the breaks. But as one dear person once told me, we cannot be that selfish. Thank you for your words!! And congratulations on the beautiful baby.

    • Hello! I really enjoyed your writing and I’ve reblogged this entry with your credit on I hope you don’t mind, but if you do mind me sharing I can remove it 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I think the very best aspect of humanity, occurs through the presence of a child. They are the very best of us. As challenging as raising a child can be, they are the purest of us all. They have yet been corrupted in any manner by society.

    With that said, sometimes a person who is completely against having children, goes through a transformation of sorts, while in a child’s presence. Interacting with the child completely changes their feelings. There are obvious challenges, but I do not know a person directly, who has a child now, who would go back in time and change the decision. Sadly, I do know of people indirectly and directly, who have had anywhere between 1-5 abortions. It is their choice of course, but I wonder why people have unprotected sex and not understand there are consequences and yes, each one did not use a condom at the time. Great post

  3. G’day Raluca,
    Just dropping in to thank you for your visit and follow, but happened on this story, whereas fashion is not a passion of mine families and babies are, and this piece says so much, I really enjoyed it

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