Irina Shayk is a Greek Goddess, This Time, On The Big Screen

Irina Shayk in the upcoming Hercules movie

The Russian beauty, Irina Shayk, made her first step into acting and not just in any role, but the one of a Greek goddess in the new Hercules movie – Megara – the wife of Hercules, played by Dwayne Johnson.

“People don’t believe I’m Russian, they always say, ‘You look Brazilian’ – but my father was a Tatar, which is close to Mongolia, and I get my colouring from him. I always say that I’m a Russian spy. Megara, my character, is a Greek mythology character; she’s the wife of Hercules. It’s my first time, but hopefully not the last time! It was a very small role but a very important character for the movie and I felt this was something I could definitely handle for my first role. Also, my name is Greek, Irina, so I felt attached to the film right away,” says Irina Shayk.

Dwayne Johnson and Irina Shayk

The filming took place in beautiful Croatia and Hungary, she loved it on the set, and for any  advice for the more difficult scenes she could always rely on the experience of her “husband“, Dwayne Johnson. It was really great to work with Dwayne, he’s very professional. He helped me a lot, just him being there, looking at me, really helped. I felt very attached to my ‘husband’ which made it easier for me. I’m not a professional actress, it’s my first movie, so it was great to have that support. I think the most difficult scene for me was the death scene, because you have to lay in the ground and obviously you can’t move, you can’t breathe, you can’t blink your eyes!” We wish her good luck and hopefully we will see more of her on the big screen!

The movie comes out worldwide from July 25.


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