Edie Campbell : “I Said Yes Because I Was Drunk”


Edie Campbell

Marc Jacobs knew exactly what he wants from his final Louis Vuitton show – Edie Campbell naked on the catwalk, wearing nothing but a G-string, a huge headdress, Swarovski crystals and some black body paint. It takes a lot of guts to do that, and when asked she agreed because she was a bit tipsy – “ I’d had quite a few mojitos by that point so I was just agreeing to anything,” the model said. ” They said, ‘Perfect! Come to the studio tomorrow so we can fit your jewelled thong.’


Edie Campbell for Louis Vuitton Show

It wasn’t easy also to get the job done, for she had to stand for seven hours straight to have her body painted with the Louis Vuitton monogram – “ I was exhausted – I’d had about six hours’ sleep in three days – and I couldn’t sit down while I was being painted. The guy painting the type just completely lost the plot and kept spelling words wrong, so would have to rub it out and start again. By the end I was being held up by two assistants. It was incredibly stressful.”


Edie Campbell for Louis Vuitton Show

But even if it was pretty hard Edie admits that it was one of her favourite show so far – ” It was pretty special, just in terms of conquering that nightmarish fear of being naked in front of people. But when you’re working in fashion, you become very objective about your body. I was marching around in a full showgirl look with a feather headdress, very separated from my real self, so it wasn’t so terrifying.”


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