The Saint Laurent Movie That Nobody Authorised

Yves Saint Laurent film by Bertand Bonello

Gaspard Ulliel stars in the new Yves Saint Laurent film, by Bertrand Bonello, studded by sex, conflicts and truncated talent, ready to be released in September.

Pure adrenaline – this is the undeniable emotion that anyone feels with just one click on the Saint Laurent trailer, the biopic about the modest French couturier, that unlike its predecessor movie – directed by Jalil Lespert, focusing on the romantic relationship between YSL and Pierre Bergé, who has given the film his approval – has not been authorized by the life partner and business associate of YSL, Pierre Bergé.

One director has had access to the files of the firm, with the support of YSL team to rebuild some of the most iconic dresses created by the designer until his death, in 2008,  while the other one, however, has had a flat refusal to reconstruct the bittersweet success life  story of the enormous talent and passions of Saint Laurent.

The life of the designer, from under this aspect, is outlined and captured in each of the sequences of the trailer that now releases the European production, and whose director, Bertrand Bonello, has already got ​​it into the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival. Without any subtitles,  in an accurate French and with very clear ideas: Yves Saint Laurent (Gaspard Ulliel) was so grateful as punished for the gift of his own talent.

The trailer is a meticulous walk through the  introverted personality of the designer, compensated by drugs and everlasting parties with his muse, confidant and friend, Loulou de la Falaise (Lea Seydoux), or with the powerful and  hypnotic Betty Catroux, in this case embodied by the top model Aymeline Valade .

Focusing on one of its most prolific phase – from 1965 to 1976 – Saint Laurent film recounts the designer’s collections inspired in Russia and Morocco, the debut of the iconic label Rive Gauche, and the love triangles with the “IT” boy of the moment, Bascher, played by Jacques Louis Garrel, while he deepens in his addiction to drugs and alcohol. The film moves towards a point where it denudes the incessant inner fights of Yves, the best time of his fashion carrier intercalated with his toxic passions and many, many snakes. Is it so tempting just because it was not authorised? September 24, will bring us the answer.


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