Cast A Dangerous Spell – Angelina Jolie’s Christian Louboutin Maleficient Shoes

The “Malangeli” Shoes – by Angelina Jolie in Collaboration with Christian Louboutin

The demonic image of the evil Maleficent did not leave indifferent many of the world’s designers and makeup artists – like MAC and Stella Mccartney to name a few- so they created gorgeous collections inspired by the heroine of the fantasy blockbuster, beautiful Angelina Jolie. For the premiere of the movie, Louboutin, in collaboration with the actress, launched “Malangeli“, a made-to-measure range of shoes, in limited edition, which can be ordered in the five Christian Louboutin boutiques around the world, starting October 20 – Paris, New York, Hong Kong, California and London.

The “Malangeli” Shoes – by Angelina Jolie in Collaboration with Christian Louboutin

Designed with a sculpted heel resembling fire and smoke, on a nude mesh base, and of course, with the French designer’s iconic red sole, each pair of shoes was made by hand in the studio of Christian Louboutin in Paris – this explains the price also ( in UK the shoes will retail at £950 ), and will be sold on a pre-ordered basis only.

The profits from the sale will go to the aid of one of the largest charity – “SOS – Children’s Village” – dedicated to abandoned and orphaned children which has been supported by mother-of-six Jolie since 2003.

The “Malangeli” Shoes – by Angelina Jolie in Collaboration with Christian Louboutin

About the collaboration with Jolie, Louboutin says : “ It is exciting to work with someone who has such a strong aesthetic and character. Getting to know Angelina through a fun collaboration has been one of my greatest pleasures!


  1. Once having the privilege to purchase said shoe, now I thought ridiculous until I read that charity was included. Giving feels much better than five inch heels. They do make your legs look kick ass though!

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