World’s Most Expensive Brooch – Graff Presents It at Biennale des Antiquaries

The Royal Star of Paris – Graff Brooch to be presented at the Biennale des Antiquaries

Graff confirms his presence at Biennale des Antiquaries, and, if after the 55 million ‘Hallucinationwatch presented at Baselworld you would think that the brand can’t surprise us again with another loud premiere this year, well, you are wrong. Therefore, an exquisite new brooch will be on display – the most expensive in the world at this moment – entitled The Royal Star of Paris, and indeed, it is a truly unique one. The first violin is played by a colossal bright yellow diamond having a weight of – attention! – 107.46 carats. This very rare extraordinary gem is surrounded by other brilliant-cut diamonds, but this is not all – from the brooch hangs another impressive pear-shaped stone, a flawless 100 carats Graff diamond.

With a total of 271.33 carats, the Graff brooch will probably not be surpassed by anyone at the Biennale or on the global jewellery market for a very long time.

The sketch of The Royal Star of Paris brooch


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