Fashion At Your Wrist – Apple Launched Apple Watch

The hottest tech launch of the decade is the Apple Watch, a secret project of Apple which has just been unveiled, a three years work that finally sees the light of the day. Expected to hit the market in early 2015, with prices starting at $349, a bit of an intro is needed for this special watch.

Apple launches Apple Watch

The tech industry doesn’t usually invites fashion journalist to its launches but this time they were present – aside from being one of the most accurate watch ever made according to Apple, aside from showing the time wherever you are ( as well as simultaneously in London and New York, should you have a burning desire to know ), it will do pretty much what any iPhone does. From a fashion point of view the external aesthetic seems neutral – neither super stylish nor neutral – the shape seems a bit bulky but if you think of all the technology the watch carries this can be easily ignored, there are seven different changeable straps including stainless steel, rubber and quilted leather, and, since computers and phones have been responsible for bringing fashion everywhere at anytime, now, Apple Watch can do that too, aside from a multitude of other functions.

Apple will retail three types of Apple Watch – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the luxury Apple Watch Edition (both prices to be determined) in rose or yellow 18 carat gold – and each model comes in two sizes – one for women and one for men.

Apple launches Apple Watch

The Digital Crown has a spinning dial on the side of the watch that you spin to zoom in and out of apps or rotate down through the apps; it works as a fitness trainer, telling you when you should stand up and do some stretching; it has medical and sport apps that include blood pressure monitors; the digital face of the watch can be personalised according to your aestethic desires – Apple enters the style arena and we love it!

Apple launches Apple Watch

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