Marc Jacobs, Daisies, and Blue Skies – A New Elegant Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Daisy Dream

Daisies and blue skies, tenderness and boundless spirit – this is Marc Jacobs‘ inspirational universe when releasing  the new women fragrance, Daisy Dream.  The glass bottle decorated with the iconic Daisy motif, where the flowers are wrapped into a kind of lace that delicately combines with the soft blue hue, traps a fruity-floral fragrance that has at heart an elegant bouquet of jasmine and blue wisteria, with delicate aromas of blackberry, grapefruit and pear as top notes, and based on white woods, musk and coconut water. This is Daisy Dream, a fragrance for which the epithet “charming” fits best.

Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Daisy Dream

The Daisy Dream perfume is available in three dimensions – 30, 50 and 100 ml – at, aside Marc Jacobs’ eponymous body lotion and shower gel.

Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Daisy Dream


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