Jean Paul Gaultier Exits Ready-To-Wear Fashion Scene

The 62-year-old French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, announced that the house will cease to produce ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, and will focus on the Haute Couture line. The decision comes from the brand’s desire to maintain the high-end buyers seeking more of a luxury experience. Known for the cone bra he designed for Madonna, Gaultier announced that he will also concentrate on perfumes, with the help of Jean Paul Gaultier’s majority owner, Spanish based Puig corporation.

Jen Paul Gaultier and Dita Von Teese

We looked at various possibilities considering the present state of the company and we have reached the same conclusion,” Gaultier said to WWD. “Commercial constraints, as well as the frenetic pace of collections, don’t leave any freedom, nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate.

After more than 38 years spent producing men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections, it seems to us that the time has come to stop some of our activities and to concentrate principally on the development of the haute couture, of perfumes and to certain collaborations that I have not yet had time to explore,Mr. Gaultier added.

The last ready-to-wear show of Jean Paul Gaultier will be held on September 27 in Paris during the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week.

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