Westwood About Her Abusive Love Story


Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren

As i brought to your attention in a previous post, one of the most anticipated books of fashion industry, showcasing the life of controversary Vivienne Westwood is about to see the light. Inside the book Westwood talks about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered with her former love, and father of her younger son, Malcom McLaren, the manager of Sex Pistols.

Because he’s dead, I don’t mind saying this: he behaved incredibly cruelly. Professionally, personally, in every way. I used to hit Malcolm. One day he hit me back… He had this think where he couldn’t leave the flat until he made me cry. I wanted to feel bad or something – he was trying to draw blood. It was simpler to give in; to give way to the tears so he would stop. Real tears have never come back for me. I haven’t cried properly since.

He was a horrible bully. It was archetypal, a textbook case of a dysfunctional, toxic thing – a sort of co-dependency where making her cry allowed him to feel whatever he needed to feel” – Westwood tells of her love story with McLaren.

Vivienne Westwood, by Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly will be released on October 9 and is available to preorder at www.viviennewestood.com, for $ 31.45.

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