Return Of A Legend – Sex And The City 3

Sarah Jessica Parker and her shoes collection in collaboration with Nordstrom

Sarah Jessica Parker and her shoes collection in collaboration with Nordstrom

Sex And The City – one of the most brilliant shows ever, brilliant because it’s real, just like life itself – great experiences aside miserable ones, sentiments of love mixed with desperation and anger, serious love stories and fun one night stands, luxury and daily concerns, desires, frustrations – is simply life, the great search in finding answers, the constant effort to distinguish right from wrong, the never-ending perseverance of happiness, the story of the overwhelming beginnings and the devastating endings, hoping, with each new beginning  that this time we’ve had our share of bad luck.

Well Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King, producer of the series and movies, admitted that the project of a third movie could be in sight. And it was a few days ago via Twitter, when they returned to play with our hearts. In an exchange of replies, Kristin Davis ( conservative Charlotte ) wrote “SJP MISS YOU! XOXOXO !!“, and Sarah Jessica answered “Me too, Heard the news? X“. What can be the tweet news of Carrie to Charlotte? If anyone had any doubts about the upcoming Sex and The City 3, the rumors are back on track, confirmed by the photo Sarah Jessica Parker just uploaded to Instagram: what seems to be the steps of Carrie Bradshaw’s home in the famous series, and the actress, surrounded by a lot of shoes from her collaboration with Nordstrom, with the caption: “a long day for Carrie.” Is this the official confirmation?

That would be great because we all have a  side of sensitive Charlotte, sexy Samantha,  “down to earth” Miranda, and finally, the always-led-by-her-emotions Carrie. For all of that i hope the so much opposite glamorous four women should come together one more time. That and, of course, the fabulous outfits!!!!!!


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    Reblogged this on Hollywood Pop Candy and commented:
    Not too sure how I feel about a third film installment of “Sex In the City.” I thought the second movie was just dreadful. Frankly, all these ladies looked very very tired of being their characters, and they have now aged enough that we are getting closer to seeing their less glamorous, much tireder late middle aged selves. I’m not nearly as excited about another go round of these gals as the rest of the webverse seems to be. But the dollar bill must be calling. Since SJP is now hopelessly typecast as Carrie, what else could she ever do?

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