New Era – Louis Vuitton Fondation Is Officially Opening

Louis Vuitton Building

The stunning glass and metal building, in the centre of the Botanical Garden, in the Northen part of Bois de Boulogne, Paris, appeared for the first time in press in June, this year. American architect Frank Gehry created it for Louis Vuitton – a project entitled to support contemporary art to a new level, and a new home for the work of contemporary artists was a logical continuation of the plan. An impressive structure whose inside we were only able to see during the recent Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 show – giant transparent screens were models’ faces appeared to deliver a welcome monologue, describing the Foundation as a “ship surrounded by a woodland” and ending it with, “the journey starts here”. It all felt eerily sci-fi.

Frank Gehry’s work

However, now the museum is wide open and the first exhibitions are on display with the key, of course, being the work of Frank Gehry – one of the most prominent contemporary artists. October 28, 2014 there will be held a presentation of the Chinese pianist, Lang Lang, and from 6 to 14 November there will be eight retrospective concerts of the German band Kraftwerk, the pioneers of electronic music.

The Louis Vuitton Fondation, a miracle of intelligence combined with creativity and technology – a major contemporary monument to Paris’s long list of historic architecture.

Ellsworth Kelly, ‘Color panel (” Red “,” Yellow “,” Blue “,” Green “,” Violet “)’

Bertrand Lavier, “Empress of India”

Oliver Beer, “Composition for the new museum”

Thomas Schütte, “Man in the mud”

Pierre Yuig, “Day, which was not”

Ellsworth Kelly, “Spectrum VIII»

Pierre Yuig, “Journey, which was not”

Ellsworth Kelly, “Green contrast, red contrasting straight”

Olafur Eliasson, “Inside the horizon”


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