Crazy Skull – A New de Grisogono Masterpiece

Crazy Scull – de Grisogono Watch

Daring de Grisogono‘s creative director, Fawaz Gruosi, shaped yet another stunning piece of jewellery – Crazy Skull – a cranium shaped watch, covered with over 890 diamonds, sapphires or rubies, weighting almost 45 carats.

You have to have a lot of character to wear it, because it’s quite visible” – declared de Grisogono.

Karlie Kloss for Crazy Skull – de Grisogono Watch

Just a week before Halloween, on October 23 – in celebration of which Crazy Skull comes very handy – the marvel was shown to the public at a party in Paris. It took 12 months to develop the piece and Karlie Kloss was one of the lucky stars who has had the pleasure to  proudly show it off to the photographers – “The most extravagant Halloween accessory. I feel a little nervous though, because there will be only 10 of these ever made” – Karlie said.

Crazy Scull – de Grisogono Watch

In addition to its enormous value ( 500.000 € to 650.00 €, or 632.500 € to 822.250 €, depending on its ingredients ) – the watch holds another surprise, quite funny, and that is a playful mechanism that allows the skull to stick out its tongue. Brilliant, of course.


  1. dartsartonline

    Im Surprised Damien Hirst didn’t do it first! I saw this and it reminded me of ” For The Love of God.”
    Great watch, good post.
    A knock off version of this watch wouldn’t be half bad!

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