Beyoncé Will Design Her Own Line For Topshop


Beyoncé will release her own clothing line with the British firm, Topshop – a sportswear line, including shoes and accessories, inspired by the world of dance, fitness, and various sports. The superstar confirmed that she will collaborate with Parkwood Topshop Athletic to produce their own brand of street wear ( still without a name until now). Philip Green, owner of Arcadia, which operates with Topshop, said that this adventure has nothing to do with the usual celebrities collaborations Topshop signed for of all kinds.

I could not think of a better partner as I continue to grow the Parkwood business. I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “Working with its development team to create and produce a technical and fashion-led collection is exciting, and I’m looking forward to participating in all aspects of this partnership.

We have been looking at this category as fashion-inspired fitness develops, and know that this is right in our customers’ heartland,” Green said. “Creating a partnership with Beyoncé, one of the most hard-working and talented people in the world, who spends many hours of her life dancing, rehearsing and training is a unique opportunity to develop this category. Being partners with Beyoncé and her team, who have the greatest creative energy and enthusiasm, is inspiring for all of the team at Topshop. We have much to achieve in just under a year, but we are all up for the challenge, and look forward to delivering athletic streetwear in an inventive and exciting way.

Green has confirmed he intends to hire a team apart to run Beyoncé’s sporty line, including a creative director and several designers.


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