Couture With A Casual Vibe – My Gucci Spring 2015 Show

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

It’s always super exciting when preparing for a show. The backstage is crowded with models, beauty stylists, and dressers. Everything is calculated to the smallest detail and an army of professionals assigned for each model take care of the smooth running of the show. The models, always on the road from one country to another, are sunken into their phones and iPads, or chattering cheerfully, distracted by the beauty artists who handle their hair and makeup. The madness starts when we are told “Ok, we start the show“, and nothing compares with the adrenaline the catwalk gives you, knowing that all eyes are on you. Although emotions are the same every time, from the moment you step out a wave of strength and confidence wraps you instantly and you just run the catwalk, in force.

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

Gucci RTW Spring 2015

The hair and makeup were both minimal ( with products from the new Gucci beauty range ), an innocent look enhanced by the extravagance of the clothing pieces.


Frida Giannini’s Spring 2015 collection caught the eye of the world and the reason is the new mood adopted by the designer – an always sexy Gucci woman, only this time, inspired by the early 70s spirit, she finds herself a bit loosen up, ravishing but with a casual vibe.

Kate Moss, a lover of vintage pieces and a front row guest at the show said about the new collection that “It’s like, old-school, isn’t it?“.

Frida picked up on the vintage allure as inspiration adding a contemporary spin – rock chic looks, mixed denim ( and she went big with denim, literally, for we saw low wide pants, printed as well), pepper military jacket, A-line culotte suits, suede dresses, kimono silks, and shaggy furs. The stars of the show, ( aside the multicoloured Mongolian lamb patchwork furs, embroidered with crystals and studs ), where the cocktail dresses in chinoiserie print silks and trimmed with crystals.

20141105_093105 20141105_093447

Giannini went into an era and polished it Italian style, the era of Jackie O, and she explained that this collection offers “more pieces to play with, that you can make your own“. Gucci, the master of quality and amazing craftsmanship, invites you to be a glamorous girl with a touch of good girl.  20141105_093432


  1. Backstage preparation is done step by step until the big picture can be set. Models cannot accomplish their look until someone preps them for the camera. I can appreciate the small details because the big details profit the whole scene. 🙂

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