Margherita Missoni, While Pregnant Launches Into Babywear

Margherita Missoni Childrenwear Line

She is the niece of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the two great minds behind the eponymous Italian fashion house – Margherita Missoni, 32 years old. While pregnant with her second child you would think she would slow down her frenetic rhythms and prepare only for the upcoming baby in her life. Well, no, for she just launched her own childrenswear label, entitled Margheritta. The collection, which has been made by Los Angeles-based Neige firm with no ties to the Missoni empire, is already available on Cute!!!!!!!

Margherita Missoni Childrenwear Line

I have a very close and long-standing relationship with and in the past years we have worked together on very special projects,” said Missoni. “After these great collaborations, I have chosen as my global partner.

Margherita Missoni Childrenwear Line

Margherita Missoni Childrenwear Line

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