Is Gisele Bundchen Retiring?

Gisele Bundchen

According to a Brazilian publication, the Colcci show at Fashion Week in Sao Paulo could be the super model’s last meeting with the catwalk – 20 years on the catwalk, over 100 advertising campaigns, and highest paid model for almost a decade – these are the mad figures Gisele could say goodbye to. 

According to the Brazilian newspaper, Moda Estadao, the top would have in mind to formally abandon the world of fashion during the month of April. The next show of Colcci – in the context of the Fashion Week in Sao Paulo – would be the last race of the model. Gisele has been the image of the brand and participated in its shows on numerous occasions, such as when she first reappeared for the first time after the birth of her first son (Benjamin) in 2010.
Many may identify Bündchen with Victoria’s Secret or any of the over 100 campaigns she starred, but the truth is that the model, Brazilian origin (and German heritage), began her career on the catwalk – an unrecognisable 19 years old Gisele, with brown hair and skinny figure. There was no show then could hold her, but then came the contract with the lingerie firm and changed everything, and Gisele put aside the busy world of the parades and changed it to travel across the planet earth, changed it for her work as a mother and wife – the main reason, apparently, that has driven the model to abandon this world – and changed it for the hundreds of advertising contracts.

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