Probiotics for Healthy Skin

A team of American researchers have discovered a way to hydrate skin while boosting your immune system by simply spritzing your skin with good bacteria. Now available to the public, the spraying mist will change everything you thought you knew about skincare and hygiene.

Face & Body Cleanser, Mother Dirt, $15

AObiome and Mother Dirt have teamed up to revolutionize skincare rituals in three products: a spray, cleanser and shampoo. Years of study have uncovered the advantages of “good bacteria” for the skin, the living probiotics that are washed away every time we use soap. Working in the same way as the bacteria that help the digestive system, spraying these probiotics onto the surface of the skin provides antioxidants and enhances anti-inflammatory capabilities, reinforcing the natural biosphere. “The key is to find a good balance between cleansing and sterilizing”, explains the brand’s research team. Mother Dirt has used AOB (Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria) in its new line, which when used twice a day works to prevent and treat hyper-sensitivity, irritation and allergies. The spray also works as a make-up fixer or an after sun for the face, and for the body it vaporizes into the skin to strengthen the entire cutaneous system. Along with the accompanying cleanser and shampoo, use this spray to banish rough skin, tightness and body odor.

Shampoo, Mother Dirt, $15

AO+ Mist, Mother Dirt, $49


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