Chanel’s Pop-Up Boutique in Moscow comes with a new concept

Chanel’s Pop-Up Boutique in Moscow

The creative pop-up-boutique, Chanel Moscow Studio, on Malaya Bronnaya, 24, returned with a new concept. Every two months the store transforms its space. Now the entourage of the pop-up-boutique is devoted to a series of Chance fragrances. The first bottle of the line appeared more than 15 years ago and found recognition among many girls.

Over the years, the series has been replenished with three more flavors, as well as a bath series – body oils and perfumed gels. In addition to the opportunity to purchase a favorite tool and get advice from specialists, the updated boutique hosts master classes of Chanel make-up artists, lectures on the history of the fashion house, as well as DJ performances and other interesting activities.

Chanel’s Pop-Up Boutique in Moscow


Chanel’s Pop-Up Boutique in Moscow


  1. sk8sandhu

    Good evening dear,

    This new concept looks amazingly nice combination of light with grey flooring very rarely someone will go for it but fact it looks elegantly outstanding.

    Thanking you

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