Christian Louboutin’s New Mascara & Lip Oil

Black Eyes Mascara & Loubibelle Lip Beaury Oil

Great news!!! Christian Louboutin launched two NEW PRODUCTS – The Black Eyes Mascara, designed with a unique brush that features both vertical and horizontal bristles, this lash amplifying lacquer ensures smooth and precise application. Bristles at the tip of the brush lift and shape even the smallest lashes. It comes in the blackest black, red  and  rich burgundy. The other item Louboutin came up with is Loubibelle Lip Beaury Oil a concentration of jojoba oil  which intensely moisturizes and nourishes the lips providing intense color too. It can also be applied as a top coat for a more glossy look.

Black Eyes Mascara Lash Amplifying Lacquer available at Sephora

Loubibelle Lip Beaury Oil available at Sephora

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