Next Destination – Tulum – Pablo Escobar’s Home Turned Into a Luxury Resort

Former home of Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico

The villa that once belonged to the Colombian king of cocaine, Pablo Escobar, has turned into a luxury resort thanks to Lio Malca, a New York art dealer, who bought it -back in 2003- restored it and embellished the mansion with contemporary art, frescoes, paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Persian rugs and velvet armchairs. Located on the white-sand beach of Tulum, Mexico, along the crystal clear water of the Caribbean see, Casa Malca boutique hotel offers 41 rooms and suits, two restaurants, three pools – two outdoor and one indoor – and a gorgeous rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view over the famous Mexican sunsets.  “I saw many different properties, but I kept asking about this one. I could not believe that in this world, a property like this still exists and hasn’t been taken over by a corporation” –  Lamca told Cool Hunting.

There are lots of movies retracting Escobar’s destiny that continue to fascinate the crowds. The fans of Netflix series, Narcos, based on the life story of Escobar, must be delighted by the news!

Former home of Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico

Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico – private beach

Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico.

Casa Malca – Former home of Pablo Escobar, Tulum, Mexico

Casa Malca- A room with a view – about 500 Euro

Casa Malca – decorated with unique pieces of art

Casa Malca has three pools, as well as a rooftop terrace

Casa Malca – the luxurious underground pool and steam room, Tulum, Mexico

Casa Malca’s private beach

Former home of Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexicopablo escobar




  1. We love Tulum and where we have been (21 of us for a week including New Years Eve ) we took few similar villas next to each other – boutique, boho and horgeous! Waiting for the kiddies to grow a bit to back, looking forward to hearing your impressions! x

  2. That is interesting, the Tulum place looks beautiful. We were in Colombia in February and heard that people who’ve been following the Netflix series of the Escobars have started flocking to the sites there and the opinions and feelings of the locals are very mixed. Many hope their hometowns and cities would become known for something totally different. Very understandable, but then again, a lot of movies and series have made certain locations famous. What ever the themes may have been.

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