Summer Makeup by Chanel – It’s All About Having A Natural Look

For makeup lovers summer is not only the time of good weather, but also the next season when the cosmetic brands present their novelties. The creative director of Chanel Makeup department, Lucia Pica, prepared a beautiful collection of Éclat et Transparence de Chanel. “The whole point is how to apply makeup. I want to convey all the splendor of the summer and at the same time make it almost unnoticeable, as if you just outplay the natural properties of the skin,” said Lucia. The collection includes a new combination of Éclat Énigmatique shades, 4 shades of Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur lip liner, 3 shades of eyeliner, 3 new varieties of Le Vernis nail polish and a gray-green tint of Le Volume mascara.

Palette Essentielle Été – Chanel Makeup

Éclat Énigmatique – Chanel Makeup

Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof – Chanel Makeup

Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur – Chanel Makeup

Le Vernis – Chanel Nail Polish

Sylo Yeux Waterproof – Chanel Makeup

But this is not all, the most interesting novelty of Chanel is a tonic spray for the body with the effect of autosunburn – L’eau Tan – just a necessary tool in the realities of the metropolises most of us live. For the first time, Lucia Pica, perfumer Olivier Polje, and specialists from the nursing laboratory, participated in the production of the product. Its effect is barely noticeable but it perfectly complements the golden makeup without taking all the attention to itself.

L’eau Tan – Chanel


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