New in Bloom – Clinique Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

American cosmetics company Clinique has introduced the – Spring 2014 Makeup Collection – New in Bloom –  fresh and funky – blush floral shades, moisturizing lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes and the updated fresh fragrance Happy in Bloom.

The blush comes in four different shades – berry, red, plum and peach –  ideal for giving natural a look, and thanks to the silky smooth powdery texture and lasting color, permanently retain their expressiveness.

Clinique - Plum Pop

Clinique – Plum Pop

Clinique - Peach Pop

Clinique – Peach Pop

Clinique - Berry Pop

Clinique – Berry Pop

Clinique - Ginger Pop

Clinique – Ginger Pop

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – which has become a cult-moisturizing lip gloss in a convenient wriggle pencil. Violet, peony, watermelon and orange – four luscious colors for your lips to shine.

Clinique - Pudgy Peony

Clinique – Pudgy Peony

Clinique - Mega Melon

Clinique – Mega Melon

Clinique - Voluptuous Violet

Clinique – Voluptuous Violet

Clinique - Oversized Orange

Clinique – Oversized Orange

The nail polish proposed by Clinique dries quickly and is easy to apply. But the most important difference is that it is tested hypoallergenic . Lipsticks also are tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and are suitable for owners of even the most sensitive skin.

Clinique - 70° and Sunny

Clinique – 70° and Sunny

Clinique - Hot Date

Clinique – Hot Date

Clinique - Hi Sweetie

Clinique – Hi Sweetie

Clinique - Really Rio

Clinique – Really Rio

Fragrance Happy in Bloom – limited edition – Fresh notes create a sense of purity and coolness, and floral scent trail adds feminine softness. The perfume bottle is decorated with flowers – Spring is coming!

Clinique Happy In Bloom

Clinique Happy In Bloom


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