Notre Chanel – A New Biography on Mademoiselle by Jean Lebrun

‘Notre Chanel’ by Jean Lebrun

Gabrielle Chanel, a source of endless inspiration due to her powerful personality and  her ability to continuously reinvent herself, has, since April 2014 when the book was released, a new biography on stands, written by journalist and historian Jean Lebrun –  a man who, aside his now defunct partner, Bernard Costa, lost to AIDS in 1990, investigated her life nearly a quarter century ago, and was determined to complete the work they started together.

The book presents a different kind of biography, a more unexplored side of Mademoiselle, followed from distance, also because of such very few written sources she left behind, that Lebrun, based on unconfirmed origins and unpublished memoirs of persons from Gabrielle’s environment decided to publish. Winner of France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, in the category “Best Biography“, Notre Chanel is more than just another biography, is a view on Coco Chanel’s life that we never discovered before, a great addition to the list of books for the summer, available at for $ 38.00.

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