Marilyn Monroe for Chanel N°5

Chanel unveils its latest campaign featuring iconic bombshell Marilyn Monroe, the one and only that once admitted the only thing she wore to bed is Chanel’s iconic fragrance.

The entire campaign was inspired by this rare audio, unheard until the French fashion house was able to access the lost footage. Now, 51 years after her death she glows in these rare images used by the french house, in the short commercial, the gorgeous star is juxtaposed with the sound of her voice, speaking about Chanel No.5 in the Life magazine interview.

Marilyn Monroe for Chanel N°5

Marilyn Monroe for Chanel N°5

Marilyn Monroe for Chanel N°5

Marilyn Monroe for Chanel N°5

No.5 sure had it’s dose of stars promoting the fragrance, memorable faces, from Brad Pitt to Nicole Kidman, but none will have the impact as the current star, Marilyn Monroe, who has been revealed as the lead in its video campaign.

Watch the video and let that angel voice get to you as it says “I wear Chanel No.5, because it’s the truth!

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