Google Unveils Optical Framers for Glass


Google Glass will become more attractive – on sale today on the official website of Google arrived the first collection of frames for “smart” glasses. Google introduced the first version in September 2012 on the show of Diane von Furstenberg. Since then whole world closely followed the new invention and the next important news came in February 2013, when Google announced the launch of a research program, during which the winners of the symbolic contest could explore all the delights of the glasses on themself.

The Google Glass Collection consists of titanium frames of different shapes and sunglasses. Sunglasses weighing 42 grams are made ​​in black, gray, white, orange and turquoise colors.

Google Unveils Optical Framers for Glass

Google Unveils Optical Framers for Glass

We have made a new step to ensure that Google Glass became a natural part of your existence. New frames are identical to those points that you wear in everyday life. We have created a range of versatile frames that suit everyone, “- says Isabelle Olsson, chief designer of the Google Glass.

For now the collection is available only to the members of their Explorer Program but the company is predicting to expand to a full consumer launch at the end of year 2014.

Google Unveils Optical Framers for Glass

Google Unveils Optical Framers for Glass



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